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TreeSanta is Chicagoland's Premier Christmas Tree Delivery Service
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"I re-cycle all trees that I pick up. Did you know that there are 350 million Christmas trees currently growing across the United States? Perhaps make recycling your tree after Christmas is over a new holiday tradition. TreeSanta Christmas trees are a renewable resource, each spring 1 - 3 seedlings are planted for every tree that I harvest!. Christmas definitely occurred, but after I've picked up your tree, you'll swear it never did. I know early January isn't the most exciting time of year, in fact it can be downright depressing. At very least I'll have made it a little less painful by ensuring a quick, clean and tidy tree removal, that is; after my initial delivery (which probably seemed like it just happened). I'm very thorough, even do a light cleaning prior to my departure and delivery to the local tree re-cycler.

The best part though is that I'm also highly accountable. I plant 2 - 3 new trees for each tree I harvest/deliver and Christmas comes back each year, so don't fret - I'll be back. Thank you for the opportunity to have been of service. Meanwhile may I potentially be the last to say firsthand, have a fantastic New Year, don't forget your discount code and I'll see you next Christmas!"

- TreeSanta
TreeSanta is Chicagoland's Premier Christmas Tree and Holiday Decor Delivery Service
Happy Holidays!! TreeSanta offers totally festive and free delivery of Chicago's finest Fraser Fir Christmas Trees, wreaths, tree stands, tree skirts, LED lights, his-very-own-super-plush Santa hats, ornament hooks, tree removal bags (if he doesn't come back to remove and recycle your tree himself) and many other super fun, ultra-festive holiday items. TreeSanta comes right to your front door step or even sets your Christmas Tree up in your home November 1st thru December 24th.

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"Merry Christmas Chicagooooooo, See you soon!" - TreeSanta